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Gin & Tonic: 5 Unique Recipes

If you’re looking for something to take the edge off after a hard day’s work, there’s nothing wrong with a simple G&T using supermarket gin, and tonic water. However, with so many incredible craft gins out there, why not really treat yourself and your taste bud, and try something different this National Gin & Tonic Day (9th April 2021).

If any drink ever deserved a national holiday, it’s the G&T. Easy to make, insanely popular, and great for any season – it really is a wonderful all-rounder, bursting with possibilities to be tweaked, twisted and tailored to the whims and proclivities of the imbiber. National Gin & Tonic Day may not be a bank holiday – yet – but it’s definitely an opportunity worth taking advantage of. With the recent surge in amazing craft gins, the old classic gin & tonic has been updated and improved a thousand times. Here are some great ways to enjoy it!

Springtime G&T

Erika Spirits is a French micro-distillery that produces beautifully original craft gins, often using honey from the beehives of one of the owners to balance out the flavour palate. 

Use an elderflower tonic alongside Erika Spirit’s limited edition white flower based Gin de Printemps, for a fresh, floral drink that’ll make you feel like you’re skipping through a spring meadow – without any of the physical effort actually involved in getting yourself out to a spring meadow and skipping around like a fool.

Tropical G&T

Tropical Old Tom Gin from the Porter’s distillery in Scotland is a bright, fruity experience. Its guava and passionfruit flavours are enhanced by a clementine tonic, giving a sweet citrus edge to the ripe tropical notes of the gin.

Garnish with fresh fruit of your choosing – it’s almost as virtuous as eating a fruit salad, right?

Savoury G&T

What now? You heard right. Gin and tonic can be brought to a whole other level, with Audemus’s Umami Gin. This gin is made in a micro-distillery (micro-micro, as in a vacuum-distillery set up in the owner’s living room).

With a parmesan cheese and Italian caper base, there’s a distinctly savoury character to its palate, and a pink peppercorn tonic will finish it all off very nicely. Pair with a cheeseboard, because why not?!

New World G&T

Looking over to the other side of the planet, Argentina is a new player in the craft gin world. Principe de los Apostoles is a gorgeously herbal gin, made from natural Argentinian botanicals that come bursting onto the senses.

Pair this one with a grapefruit tonic for a sharp, herbal flavour balance. It’ll pick you right up – try to avoid dancing the tango.

Sea Breeze G&T

Rétha’s Oceanic Gin is a saline, bracing drink, full of fresh salty sea notes – as befits a gin made in homage to the Atlantic ocean.

Mix it with a classic tonic, and garnish with a leaf of mertensia maritime (if you can forage one up), generally known as “oysterleaf”. The saline, oyster flavour of this entirely vegan plant will seep through the cocktail, blending with the oceanic notes of the gin. Almost as good as a day at the seaside! Other garnish options include samphire or a deliciously simple twist of lemon peel.

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