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15 Great Spirits to Gift This Mother’s Day

Everyone has their own distinctive personality, preferences, and palate, which make them special. Whether your mum is bold and adventurous; elegant and serene; or quirky and unusual, you’ll be sure to find a premium craft gift that is as unique as she is.

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us once more and what better way to show your mum that you care than with a decadent, passionately made, and expertly balanced product that is perfectly matched to her palate and personality. We’ve come up with a Lexir Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021 that is bursting with dynamic spirits, liqueurs, and non-alcoholic options, to spoil your mum with this Mother’s Day.

For the “Flower Power” mum

A different take on that classic gift of a bouquet of flowers. Argalá’s Figli dei Fiori range – which translates to “flower children” – is a range of mono-botanical liqueurs that have been lovingly crafted to showcase the true, unrivalled beauty of nature. This Italian, Elderberry liqueur is a clear snapshot of fresh, fruity, and lightly floral flavours of the alpine flower, and is perfectly sippable on its own with ice, with a splash of soda water, or in all manner of cocktails.


For the Discerning Gin Lover

Gins don’t get more “Craft” than Audemus. These category-disrupting spirits are all created in a micro-distillery combining modern techniques with traditional methods, that operates out of the founder’s living room in Cognac, France. This incredible flavour laboratory has resulted in the creation of some of the most amazing gins, bitters, and liqueurs, including the now world famous Pink Pepper Gin.

Audemus Pink Pepper Dry Gin is an evolution of this original flagship product, uniting strong notes of juniper with delicate, fragrant pink peppercorn, as well as cardamon, vanilla, tonka bean, and honey. The result is a beautifully crisp and dry gin that works wonders in a Martini, G&T, or classic gin cocktail.

€ 53.90

For the Whisky Aficionado

French whisky is having a revolution, with outstanding distilleries and brands popping up all across the country. Le Whisky des Français is one such. Proudly French to the core, the brand was set up by two young entrepreneurs who wanted to make a uniquely French, eco-friendly whisky. This single malt is made from locally sourced ingredients and aged for three years in Sauternes wine barrels. This lends notes of cedar, brioche, and vanilla, to the fruity whisky. This whisky is stylish, modern, and innovative, and is doing its part to stamp French whisky onto the map!


For the Gentle Dreamer

A spirit that will transport your mum to the picturesque Île de Ré with just one sip. This smooth and luxurious vodka is the brainchild of local distillers Jérôme and Morgan, who wanted to capture the unique charm of the Île de Ré in liquid form. By using newly harvested, local Alcmaria potatoes – renowned for their delicious flavour – as their base, the pair has created an astonishingly flavourful spirit with notes of nut, along with a smooth, fatty texture. Enjoyed neat or mixed, this vodka paints a vivid portrait of a slow-moving, vibrant life on the Île de Ré.

€ 41.00

For the Cheeky mum

We know you’re not meant to judge a book by its cover, but come on – who doesn’t want a grandma sticking her tongue out at you on a label?! This kooky image perfectly sums up the fun and contemporary nature of La Jeannette. A modern take on the classic gentian liqueur, this updated expression combines nostalgia with innovation in a gloriously balanced package. 

All ingredients are locally sourced: the fresh and wild gentian roots are hand-picked in the Auvergne volcanoes, and all the other ingredients – vine peaches, lemongrass, peppermint – are grown nearby. The long maceration process allows all the flavours to evolve and mature, with no need for any artificial colours or flavouring. The final product is a florally fragrant liqueur with a bittersweet palate, where gentian flavours are offset with peach, lemongrass, and herbal overtones.


For the Refined Socialite

For a mother who appreciates the finer things in life. Yaguara Blue is the first white blended organic cachaça in the world. Dating back five generations, this spirit has many layers of complexity and a refined taste that showcases their long history and expertise. The liquid is rested in stainless steel for 10 months, before being aged in European oak barrels for five-six years. Softly structured and gently fruity, this stunning, premium, cachaça develops on the palate to reveal striking notes of chamomile and lemongrass, that will be sure to captivate your mum.


For the Cheerful Gardener

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of Spring in the air, apart from perhaps, the taste of Spring in a glass. Erika Gin de Printemps is a limited edition, floral craft gin that captures the essence of springtime in France in a bottle. Erika’s creators hand-gather elderflowers when they’re heavy with pollen, combining these blooms with honey from one of the founders’ bee farms. The final recipe gives the drinker an experience of a clean, sweet harmony of flowers and honey, with soft notes of light fruit – the essence of springtime and hope for the year to come. 


For the Powerful Spirit with Exceptional Taste

There are some people who just command presence wherever they go; their very being radiating outwards as a calm and profound sense of self. This is a rich and resonant spirit to match their own striking character.

Acclaimed cognac house, Fanny Fougerat has launched a limited edition Laurier d’Apollon, with a rugged, robust, and aromatic palette, that stays with you long after the liquid has glided down your throat. Named after the Greek God of art, knowledge, and light, this 100% Ugni Blanc expression has been aged in both new and old cognac barrels, to imbue it with woody depth. Ripe fruit and spice dance with roasted coffee, dark cocoa, and leather, to culminate in a truly exquisite cognac that any matriarch would love. 


Does your mum have a bit of a sweet tooth? If so, she’ll love this treat! La Capricieuse is a French brand from Berry, that makes cream liqueurs using fresh cow and goat milk from local producers. This one is made using cow milk, an alcohol base of French malt, and natural aromas of hazelnut and vanilla. The end result is a rich, creamy, and deeply decadent cream liqueur with round nuttiness and sweet pastry notes. This is a true delight sipped on its own with dessert (or even poured over it).


10. Djin No.1: Spirit of Passion (NON-ALCOHOLIC)

For the Dynamic Non-Drinker

Who said alcohol drinkers have all the fun?! Djin No.1 is a completely alcohol-free drink that packs all the flavour punch of the best craft spirits out there. Djin was created in response to a growing demand for alcohol-free spirits and acts as a replacement for a gin, without compromising on important qualities such as intensity, length, structure, and freshness. Its complex flavour is made up of over 20 different plant varieties, including juniper, cardamom, passion berries, and chili peppers, which come together to create a heady bouquet of delicious scents and tastes.


For the Spicy Mama!

Does your mum love powerful flavours? Ayuuk is a pleasantly spicy spirit made with a rare, smoke-dried chili pepper grown 2,700m above sea level by the Mixe people of Mexico. Empirical Spirits co-founder Lars fell in love with the complex flavour of Pasilla Mixe chilis whilst in Oaxaca, Mexico. Pasilla Mixe is an important part of the communal life and identity for the people of Huipitec. Due to the extreme conditions needed for cultivation, there are now only 8 people that farm the chili today. Empirical Spirits partnered with the farmers, supporting the community and allowing the chili’s unique flavour to be enjoyed across the world, through Ayuuk – a name which translates to “people who speak the mountain language”. The spirit celebrates the vibrant profile of the chili, with notes of smoky cucumber, deep red orchard fruit, earthy roundness, and a palatable spice – a true work of art.


For the History Enthusiast

We all love a drink with a story behind it. Caperitif is a modern recreation of an early 20th century classic, South African vermouth. This bittersweet spirit was taken out of the history books and put back into the recipe books for us to enjoy once again. 

Since halting production in the 1960s, Caperitif has only existed as an unavailable ingredient in the Savoy Cocktail Book. Stumbling upon its story, its modern recreators decided that it was time for Caperitif to make a comeback. The base is made using one of the founders’ local distilled and fortified wine, which is sweetened with grape sugar and embittered with cinchona bark. 35 seasonable South African botanicals are used to build Caperitif’s unique flavours and aromatic profile, with key ingredients including grapefruit, konfettibos, wilde als, and the traditional rooibos leaf.


For the Passionate Explorer of Flavours

Now this is something truly special. Neta Bicuixe is a small batch mezcal created from wild, matured Bicuixe agave in the arid regions of Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. This intense, and complex destilado has been created by maestro mezcalero, Celso Garcia Cruz, who hails from a long like of mezcaleros. He and his wife Felicia produce agave and destilados on their ranch in Lachigüizo – a small hamlet in Oaxaca with about 100 residents – and their 2017 Bicuixe vintage won ‘Best Agave’ at the Cocktail Spirits Paris 2019 awards. This batch from June 2018 ups the alcohol content and has a palate and texture that is reminiscent of his award-winning batch – a wonderful blend of sweetness, sourness, and smokiness, with bright notes of strawberry, pungent artichoke, red fruit tea, fresh cut grass, and citrus. This is a truly exceptional liquid.


For the Traditional Family Dinner mum

Is your mum the one who loves gathering family and friends together over a kitchen table and a home-cooked meal? If so, this might be the perfect gift for her! Pastis Artigianale from Argalá is the first handcrafted Italian pastis. Whilst pastis is traditionally French, Argalá’s two founders – who grew up together in the Maritime Alps of Italy – wanted to develop their own ode to this incredible aperitif that celebrated their geographical and cultural links to France. With star anise at its core, this recipe is completely handcrafted using 35 botanicals that are macerated and then distilled. At the end, they add a small quantity of Mascobado cane sugar, which brings a licorice flavour that fits well with the other ingredients. The result is a appetite-whetting, artisanal pastis that is the perfect serve to enjoy around a table before a meal.


For the Decadence Indulger

A moreish brandy from the oldest and most prestigious eau-de-vie distillery in Alsace – Gewurztraminer Marc is a coppery, fragrant expression that showcases the unique local ingredients and flavours of the region. This beauty was distilled in 1992, and throws up fragrances of almost crystallised ripe grape, and hints of cacao bean. The round, sweet flavour will blow the drinker away with a sudden surge of richness, as chocolatey overtones give way to a long, intense finish. This is a breathtaking digestif to enjoy at leisure – perfect to spoil your mother with this Mother’s Day.


If you haven’t found something that is quite right for your mum, never fear! Our smart, personalised browsing systems on our Products page will guide you to the perfect gift: search by category, tasting notes, flavour intensity, price, alcohol content, and more, to find the ultimate match for your mum this Mother’s Day.

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