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Borderies Mizunara


Cognac, France

43.5% ABV

A single cru cognac, aged in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels

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Tasting Notes

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  • Floral
  • Woody
  • Sweet

When you smell Borderies Mizunara, you’ll be met with a sweet, floral aroma, with notes of vanilla, fresh fig, and apricot.

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  • Intense
  • Rich
  • Smooth

When you taste Borderies Mizunara, you’ll experience an array of spiced and woody notes, with a slight smokiness. Top notes of vanilla, butter, coconut and plum will emerge, with a finish of violets.

Flavour Intensity

Cognac, France

Looking to the East

Aging and refinement

The Brains Behind It

The Auld Alliance

When Scottish entrepreneur Dominic Park had a vision of creating his own exquisite, artisanal cognacs, he headed over to Cognac to seek the assistance of the Tessendier family. The Tessendiers have been distilling on their estate since the 1880s, and current cellar master Jérôme is the great-grandson of the original founder. Together they formed a perfect partnership, and when Dominic left the business in 2008, Jérôme continued his vision: smooth, sophisticated craft cognacs, with a contemporary twist.

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