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Coup de Foudre


Alsace, France

40% ABV

Coup de Foudre, meaning “Love at First Sight”, is a single-malt French whisky of exceptional quality. It is round and spicy, wrapped up in an elegant bottle with real gold coating.

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White Chocolate

Flavour Intensity

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As a digestif

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Tasting Notes

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  • Soft
  • Exotic
  • Fruity

When you smell Coup de Foudre, its suave sensuality won’t fail to seduce you. Its beautifully balanced aroma is full of exotic and elegant summer fruit notes.

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  • Deep
  • Apricot
  • White Chocolate

When you taste Coup de Foudre, you’ll be met with a rich, round flavour palate with notes of white chocolate, malt, and green pepper. The finish is long and warm, with dried fruit and apricot tones.

Flavour Intensity

Alsace, France

The French New Wave

A delicate aging process

The Brains Behind It

Yves Lehmann

The Lehmann distillery is a family business. It is the oldest and most prestigious eau-de-vie distillery in the region and was originally founded in 1850 by Yves’s great-great-grandfather. The distillery has been passed down from father to son for 5 generations and is currently owned by Yves Lehmann. Today he produces a variety of spirits, including a line of whiskies that he first introduced in 2000.

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Yves Lehmann