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Cuish Tepextate

Destilado de Agave

Oaxaca, Mexico

46.0% ABV

Cuish Tepextate is a pure, single-agave mezcal made with the tepextate variety in the heart of Oaxaca.

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Fresh Cut Grass




Flavour Intensity

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What's in it

  • Tepextate Agave

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Tepextate Neat

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Tasting Notes

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  • Mineral
  • Herbal
  • Fresh Cut Grass

When you smell Cuish Tepextate, you’ll be met with a pure, herbal flavour array, with grassy notes and mineral tones.

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  • Smooth
  • Intense
  • Sweet

When you taste Cuish Tepextate, you’ll be blown away by its smoothness and purity. Intense and clean, it leaves a sweet finish.

Flavour Intensity

Oaxaca, Mexico

Throwing a spotlight on Tepextate

The methods of generations

The Brains Behind It

A network of local producers

Cuish is the happy creation of a network of local farmers and maestro mezcaleros, spread throughout Oaxaca. By working together, these producers have managed to create a range of beautiful, distinctive spirits, and a network of support for everyone involved in the chain.

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