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Gewurztraminer Marc


Alsace, France

45% ABV

Gewurztraminer Marc is a coppery, fragrant French brandy. Distilled in 1992, it is an old vintage that showcases the unique local ingredients and flavours of the Alsace region.

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Cocoa Bean




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As a digestif

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Tasting Notes

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  • Rich
  • Grape
  • Cocoa Bean

When you smell Gewurztraminer Marc, you’ll be intoxicated by the fragrant, almost crystallized ripe grape aromas, met with a hint of cacao bean.

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  • Sweet
  • Powerful
  • Chocolate

When you taste Gewurztraminer Marc, the round, rich, sweet flavour palate will blow you away with a sudden surge of richness. Chocolatey overtones give way to a long, intense finish.

Flavour Intensity

Alsace, France

A Brandy of champions

Traditional Distilling Know-How

The Brains Behind It

Yves Lehmann

The Lehmann distillery is a family business. It is the oldest and most prestigious eau-de-vie distillery in the region and was originally founded in 1850 by Yves’s great-great-grandfather. The distillery has been passed down from father to son for 5 generations and is currently owned by Yves Lehmann. Today he produces a variety of spirits, including a line of whiskies that he first introduced in 2000.

More on the Brand

Yves Lehmann