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Koch Ensamble


Oaxaca, Mexico

47.0% ABV

Koch Ensamble is an expertly blended artisanal mezcal with a gentle, smoky character. It is made using a variety of agaves including Cirial, Tobalá, Tobasiche, and Lumbre.

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What's in it

  • Cirial Agave
  • Tobalá Agave
  • Tobasiche Agave

Other Ingredients

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Enamble Neat

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Tasting Notes

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  • Fresh
  • Smoky
  • Fruity

When you smell Koch Ensamble, you’ll be met with a gently smoky aroma, with soft fruity tones.

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  • Banana
  • Herbs
  • Pure

When you taste Koch Ensamble, you’ll experience a delicate array of herbal flavours with notes of banana and smoke. This is all brought together at the end with a fresh, citrus finish.

Flavour Intensity

Oaxaca, Mexico

The work of a maestro

The Agave Quartet

The Brains Behind It

A sustainable project

In 2009, Carlos Moreno founded The Koch Group with the goal of reducing the amount of Mexicans migrating to the United States in search of better jobs. The Koch Group thinks of themselves as a project rather than a business, working to produce high-quality mezcals, while supporting mezcal-producing families in the most economically unstable parts of Oaxaca. Across thirteen communities, they work locally and naturally, respecting the environment and traditional production techniques of the Oaxacan families. Each bottle encapsulates the identity of the village from where it came.

More on the Brand

The Koch Group