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Lalocura Tobalá

Destilado de Agave

Oaxaca, Mexico

47.7% ABV

Tobalá is a single-variety mezcal made with a small, rare, wild agave species called tobalá. It is full of character and personality with a light, sweet, floral flavour.

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tasting notes

Green Apple



Candied Tarts

Light Spice


Flavour Intensity

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What's in it

  • Tobalá Agave

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Tobalá Neat

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Tasting Notes

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  • Green Apple
  • Tarragon
  • Melon

When you smell Lalocura, notes of sour green apple and tarragon will fill the air, along with a fresh bright melon aroma that is fruity but not too sweet.

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  • Candied Tarts
  • Light Spice
  • Salty

When you taste Lalocura, your mouth will be filled with wonderful flavours of candied tarts and green apple with a sweetness that bode well with its smooth spicy finish. This is accompanied by a leathery saltiness that rounds out the palate.

Flavour Intensity

Oaxaca, Mexico

Bringing out Tobalá’s personality

Traditional techniques and materials

The Brains Behind It

A family legacy

Master mezcalero Eduardo “Lalo” Angeles founded Lalocuro in 2014 after finishing his degree in agricultural science. As a fourth-generation mezcalero, he uses the same methods and materials that his family has been using for over 100 years. He draws on these proven techniques and his own expertise to produce his own high-quality mezcal. Each batch is different, but they all reveal the unique characteristics of the agave varieties and Lalo’s hometown.

More on the Brand

Eduardo “Lalo” Angeles