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Yaguara Branca


São Paulo, Brazil

40.5% ABV

Branca is Yaguara’s classic small batch white cachaça. After distillation, it is rested for 8 months in stainless steel vats, where it maintains its light colour and develops a round, complex flavour.

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Suggested Use

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What's in it

  • Sugar Cane
  • Yeast

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Tasting Notes

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  • Herbal
  • Fresh
  • Young

When you smell Yaguara Branca, your nose will be met with an array of fresh, herby, sugarcane aromas.

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  • Smooth
  • Dry
  • Sweet

When you taste Yaguara Branca, you’ll experience a smooth, medium persistence, with a dry start and a sweet finish, with herbal notes and a taste of the sugarcane.

Flavour Intensity

São Paulo, Brazil

Smooth, Rustic Flavours

Unique Filtration Methods

The Brains Behind It

Tradition Meets Modern Science

After Pablo Meneghal started in the late 1800s as a sugarcane farmer, there has been a long line of cachaça producers in the Meneghal family. Pablo’s great-great-grandson, Thyrnos, is the latest of the Meneghal family to distill small-batch cachaça. In 2013, he called upon the late Erwin Weimann to help create Yaguara. Erwin’s 40 years of experience in chemistry and his expertise in blending proved to be the perfect foil for the Meneghal family’s artisanal cachaça distillations. The result is a refined, modern, refined and ultra-stylish blend.

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