About us

Empowering craft & independent brands everywhere.

Empowering craft & independent brands everywhere.

We are dedicated to empowering craft & independent brands and ending the domination of big brands and big distribution.

This is why we created Lexir – a distribution platform that makes it possible for brands to keep a fair margin, set their own prices, and stay in control of their business (without a middle person taking a big chunk).

There’s a problem in the alcohol industry – one that not everyone is aware of.

The truth is, most alcohol brands working today make terrible margins working with traditional distributors. In some cases, not even enough to cover their basic costs. This is especially true for craft & independent brands.

We want to put an end to this.

This problem became apparent to us after more than a decade in and around the alcohol business – as bartenders, bar owners, and eventually starting our own vermouth brand, we know brands deserve more.

The craft movement is here, and we look forward to you joining us!