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Craft Spirits and Community

Building a Local Following

The History of Craft Spirits

From Prohibition to Present

Sustainable Spirits

Eco-Friendly Practices in Craft Distilling

The Craft Revolution Against Alcohol Monopolies

From Small Batches to Big Changes: The Rise of Craft Alcohol

Alcohol Brand Collaborations: A Strategy for Growth

Unleashing Growth Through Partnerships

Leveraging Local Sales Communities for Brand Growth

Unleashing the Power of Local Sales Communities

Sustainability in the Alcohol Industry: Trends and Brand Opportunities

How Sustainable Practices Offer Growth Opportunities for Alcohol Brands

Starting Fresh in Your Home Market with Lexir: Why It's the Smart Move

How Lexir Transforms Local Spirits Distribution with Unmatched Flexibility and Control

Alcohol Export and International Distribution

Expanding Beyond Your Home Market: A Guide for Alcohol Brands

Unlock New Earning Avenues in Hospitality with Lexir

Discover how Lexir is revolutionizing the industry, offering exciting opportunities for bartenders, managers, and owners alike to unlock new earning avenues and elevate their careers.

The Local Lexir Community

A New Era of Collaboration in the Craft Alcohol Industry

The Power of a Menu Placement for Craft Spirit Products

6 benefits craft spirit brands can gain by having their products on the menu of a bar, restaurant or hotel

The Economics of Craft Alcohol

Craft alcohol brands can't operate in the same way as big multi-national brands. Today we look at the reasons why craft brands need higher margins.

Understanding Excise Duties in the Alcohol Industry

Navigate the complex financial landscape of the alcohol industry as we demystify the concept of excise duties.

Europe’s Top Rising Spirit Categories

Explore the trends, tastes, and trailblazers shaping the future of Europe's spirits industry.

The Alcohol Industry in the USA vs Europe

A look at the differences between the alcohol industry in two of the largest alcohol markets in the world.

6 Challenges of Introducing Your Craft Spirits to New Markets

It's not easy to break into new markets as a craft brand. Here's our list of tips for areas you need to pay attention to.

On-Trade vs Off-Trade: Understanding Key Terms in the Alcohol Industry

Delve into the alcohol industry's language as we break down the critical terms 'on-trade' and 'off-trade', shedding light on their meaning and the role they play.

St. Paticks Day at Little Red Door

We chat to Little Red Door's Barney O'Kane about non-tacky St Patrick's Day celebrations

Bonded Warehouses in Alcohol Distribution: How They Work

A look into what a bonded warehouse is and how it works in relation to alcohol distribution.

20 Things You Should Know Before Starting An Alcohol Brand

A list of tips 20 tips to help new brands navigate the competitive world of craft alcohol production, distribution, and growth.

The Truth About Absinthe

We speak to Lulu White's Ben Cooper abput absinthe & clear up some myths surrounding it

The Influencer Marketing Strategy for Craft Spirits Brands

Some helpful tips on how you can take advantage of influencer marketing to help grow your craft spirits brand in 2023

6 Key Trends Shaping the Craft Alcohol Industry in 2023

The craft alcohol industry is changing. Stay up to date with the biggest trends of the year.

How to Price your Product for a New Market

Finding the right price, price setting, or “price discovery” as some of the fancy wall street folks like to call it...

All About: Bartending Legend, Tato Giovannoni

Get to know the Argentinian legend, who is one of the world's leading bartenders

Mezcal is Booming In Europe: Here's Why

Mezcal's is having a meteoric rise in Europe right now. Here's what that growth means for mezcal producers and what you can do about it.

The 'No Budget' Growth Strategy for Craft Brands

A list of free initiatives craft brands can use to create brand awareness and generate buzz without spending significant marketing dollars.

The Downsides of Traditional Distribution (And What to Do Instead)

Why traditional distribution is often not the right choice for craft brands, and the alternatives that they should be using instead.

This New Alcohol Distribution Model is Taking Over the World

Craft brands everywhere are making a big change to drastically improve their distribution.

Tales From Your Bartender

In the bar industry, we all have few good stories to tell. Some good, others...

The Resurgence of Sherry

How an often neglected fortified wine has become the hottest spice in the modern

So, You Want to Be a Cocktail Bartender? Here’s how.

How to set up yourself for a career in shaking and stirring.

Top 9 European Trade Shows for Craft Spirits Brands

A list of trade show events we recommend for craft brands to attend, network, and showcase their products.

The Advantages of Being an Independent Alcohol Brand

Working with a big distributor isn't right for every brand. Come learn why more and more brands are choosing to go forth independently.

A Guide to Marketing Your Craft Spirits Brand

Discover practical strategies and insider tips to successfully market your craft spirit brand in this comprehensive guide tailored for the innovative distillers of today.

This Change Has Created BIG Opportunities in the Alcohol Industry

Calling all bartenders, influencers, sales people, and more. Learn about the the new opportunities available to you thanks to the craft revolution.

How to Conduct a Successful Tasting for Your Craft Spirits Product

8 tips to help make your next tasting more effective.

Exploring Lexir: A Revolutionary Distribution Platform for Craft Alcohol Brands

Learn why craft alcohol brands from around the world are choosing Lexir's platform over traditional distributors.

The Rise of English Whisky

Look at one of the spirit industry's fast growing categories

6 Things You Need to Consider Before Expanding Into a New Market

As a brand, expanding into a new market can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

9 French Cocktail Bars You Want Your Products In

A look at some of the top cocktails bars in France that are often on the lookout for unique craft spirit products.

Interview: Le Whisky des Français

This World Whisky Day we speak with revolutionary new French whisky brand

5 Key Qualities Every Sales Partner Needs

Some qualities to look for when looking to work with a sales partner to help grow your craft brand.

How to tell good alcohol from bad

Learn how to recognise if your alcohol has gone bad