All About: Bartending Legend, Tato Giovannoni


All About: Bartending Legend, Tato Giovannoni

Get to know the Argentinian legend, who is one of the world's leading bartenders

Tato Giovannoni is considered one of the best bartenders on the planet. His bar, Floreria Atlantico, is globally renowned and his line of spirits is exciting and innovative. He’s a legend in his field – but how did he get there?

Growing up in the industry

Tato Giovannoni was born into the restaurant industry. His father ran a collection of hospitality businesses in Pinamar, a small town on the Argentinian coast, and by the time Tato was 12 years old, he’d already been recruited into working shifts behind the bar.

At the age of 18, Tato headed to Buenos Aires for college, where he studied graphic design and art direction, before moving to New York to attend film school. He graduated with the offer of a job in Los Angeles, working on a movie, and flew back home to Argentina to tell his parents the good news.

A twist in the tale

Back in Pinamar, Tato found out that his parents were divorcing – and his father was depressed. Looking at his father’s hospitality businesses, Tato realised his true passion lay there. He abandoned his plans of becoming a movie director, and threw himself wholeheartedly into hospitality.

Beginning behind the bar, he became close to one of his colleagues, a former chef turned head bartender. Tato began studying the art of cocktail-making as though it were haute cuisine, realising that each cocktail has a distinct flavour profile, and that – just as in cooking – acid, salt, and sweetness all come into play.

Along with his blossoming love for mixology, Tato also discovered how much he enjoyed interacting with his guests. His reputation preceding him, he was head-hunted by one of the most famous bar-restaurants in Buenos Aires – a vast enterprise named Sucre. While he worked at Sucre, he studied the history of spirits in Argentina, diving deep into the history of the world of cocktails.

He then turned to consulting for a number of years, growing both his knowledge and his reputation.

Becoming a legend

In 2013, Tato opened his own bar, Florería Atlántico in Buenos Aires. He wanted it to showcase the history of Argentina, and pay homage to his heritage and to the pioneers who had come before him. Florería Atlántico soon found its way onto the World’s Top 50 Bars list, and Tato’s career soared to dizzying heights.

Nowadays, Tato spends around 40 weeks per year on the road. He works in pop-ups, he gives master classes, and works guest shifts in renowned locations; all while piloting his own particular brand of drinks craft. He now also has three more hospitality businesses to his name, alongside the famous Florería Atlántico: Rotiseria Atlantico, Gintoneria, and Chori.