Europe’s Top Rising Spirit Categories

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Europe’s Top Rising Spirit Categories

Explore the trends, tastes, and trailblazers shaping the future of Europe's spirits industry.

The dynamic and diverse nature of the European alcohol industry is an ever-evolving panorama of trends, shifting tastes, and emerging categories. The market is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with certain types of spirits demonstrating robust growth and gaining popularity. For craft alcohol producers, understanding these trends can offer valuable insights for strategic planning and product development. This article dives into the types of alcohol spirits categories currently experiencing growth in Europe.

Whisky Renaissance

Whisky, a spirit traditionally associated with Scotland and Ireland, has seen a surge in popularity across Europe. The allure of whisky lies in its craftsmanship, the complex flavours achieved through aging, and the diversity in types, including Scotch, Irish, and even Bourbon. Craft distilleries are riding this wave, producing unique, locally-inspired whiskies that are capturing the attention and palates of consumers. Regions not traditionally associated with whisky production, such as Germany and France, are even getting in on the act, creating their own versions of this classic spirit.

Gin's Botanical Boom

Gin has seen a significant resurgence in recent years. This spirit's ability to adopt and enhance a wide range of botanical flavours has seen it become a favourite among craft producers and consumers alike. From traditional London Dry to contemporary variations infused with unique botanicals, gin's versatility is driving its growth. The rise of craft gin distilleries across Europe, especially in the UK, Spain, and Germany, signifies this ongoing trend.

Vodka's Local Twist

While vodka might be most associated with Russia and Poland, it is making a splash across the entire European continent. The key to vodka's growth has been the emergence of craft distilleries producing high-quality, small-batch vodkas. These often carry a local twist - whether it's the ingredients used, the distillation process, or the water source, these vodkas offer a unique taste of their locale.

Rum's Sweet Revolution

Rum, traditionally the spirit of the Caribbean, is experiencing its moment in the sun in Europe. This spirit's sweet and complex flavour profile, combined with its versatility in cocktails, is driving its popularity. Craft distilleries are exploring this category, with aged and spiced rums gaining traction. Countries like the UK and France, with historical ties to rum through their colonial past, are leading the charge in craft rum production.

Liqueurs' Artisanal Appeal

Liqueurs, with their diverse range of flavours and styles, are experiencing a revival in Europe. From fruit and cream to herb and spice-infused, the possibilities are endless. Their versatility in cocktails and as after-dinner drinks makes them appealing to a broad audience. Craft producers are experimenting with unique flavour combinations and artisanal production methods, breathing new life into this category.


The European alcohol spirits market is undergoing an exciting transformation, with craft and independent producers leading the way. These rising categories offer opportunities for producers to innovate, differentiate, and cater to the evolving tastes of consumers. The growth of these spirits also indicates a broader trend towards premiumisation and a desire for unique, high-quality products. As craft alcohol producers, understanding these trends and adapting to them could open doors to new markets and growth opportunities.