This Change Has Created BIG Opportunities in the Alcohol Industry


This Change Has Created BIG Opportunities in the Alcohol Industry

Calling all bartenders, influencers, sales people, and more. Learn about the the new opportunities available to you thanks to the craft revolution.

The alcohol industry is full of new and exciting opportunities. We are living through revolutionary times Like us, you must also feel the change in the air. This change is creating big opportunities, just like it did for the entertainment industry.

You remember back in the day when there were just a few movie and music production studios? All the media we consumed came from large, monopoly-like studios. Making media was expensive, and rather one-dimensional.

Fast forward to now – music and video production can be done by anyone, even at their home. And the media can then be self distributed online, via the creators site, or other services like Youtube, or Spotify for example.  We now have multidimensional media, which in many cases is free, or otherwise very affordable. This all happened because there was an independent revolution – empowered by the internet and a new generation of creators.

Now consider the alcohol industry. 

We follow a similar line. There used to be a handful of multinational brands ruling the industry – giving consumers products that are often void of quality and experience. Yuck.

Fortunately in the last 10 years we’ve seen a revolution starting. Craft and independent brands started to crack the shell the multinational brands and their distributors have on the market.

This movement is still growing and changing the fabric of the alcohol industry, empowering brands, and making better and more interesting products available in the market. With the breaking of the traditional way, there are new opportunities opening in the industry.

What does this mean for you?

The amount of  opportunities to work and collaborate with brands on local sales & marketing support has exploded! It’s easier than ever to earn commission from shared revenue with the brand with ongoing or mission-based fees. You can:

  • Partner with brands to help them get introduced to your local community

  • Represent brands in events and industry gatherings

  • Conduct tastings or master classes

  • Integrate the brands and products in your business or where you work

  • Support brands and products online

These opportunities are perfect individuals in the industry such as:

  • Bartenders, bar managers and owners

  • Category experts

  • Sommeliers

  • Influencers and online marketers

  • Sales agents and agencies

So what’s the best way to get involved?

Lexir is leading the craft revolution and connecting sales partners with craft brands from around the world.

You can join the community today to grow your network and skills, and earn doing what you love. And bring the power to the craft and independent brands!

Let us join forces! Help spread and be part of the craft and independent revolution. Let’s carve a future with honest and better products. A future where the local craft and independent community have the power to influence the market.

To learn more be sure to visit Lexir’s page for Sales Partners – and join the community for free!